Interior Painting Tips For Small Rooms

When you’re ready for interior painting, you’ll need to choose the colors you want first. If you plan to paint a small space, realize that the colors you choose will stand out. For interior painting, there are some ways you can transform the cramped and tiny space into something grand. Depending on the architectural and… Read More

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4 Reasons Fall Is An Excellent Time For Exterior Painting

Now that summer is over, most homeowners are under the impression that the home improvement season has come to an end, but just because the leaves are changing color and temperatures are becoming milder, it doesn’t mean you’ve missed the opportunity to make changes around your home. As it turns out, the fall season is… Read More

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3 Fun Painting Ideas For A Child’s Bedroom

Are you looking for painting ideas for your child’s bedroom? Whether you plan to repaint your entire Addison home or just one of your kid’s bedrooms, there’s plenty of ideas you can get if you just look around. No matter what you choose to do, painting can do wonders to liven up the space. Plus,… Read More

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Considering Faux Finish Cabinets For Your Kitchen?

Many customers want to take a short cut method of remodeling their kitchens by faux finishing the cabinets. This method keeps the base or bones of your cabinets and lets you restyle the doors and outer surfaces, including the hardware. That means you get an entirely new look that costs much less to achieve. Faux… Read More

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Choosing the Perfect Color for Your Barrington Interior Painting Project

Painting the inside of your house is a great way to improve the appearance of your any room. The walls of your home can become a blank canvas, ready to reflect your own personal style through different paints and design options. It is important that you choose the perfect color to paint your home. This… Read More

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Time to Deck Out Your Chicago Deck

Parties on the patio. Drinks on the deck. Barbecues on the porch. Long summer evenings sipping lemonade on your Chicago veranda. Whatever your exterior hangouts, your Chicago painting contractor is standing by to bring it up to snuff for entertaining or just hanging out. We can and pressure wash, refinish and restore all your exterior surfaces to… Read More

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Refinishing Your Chicago Decks

Chicago deck refinishing needs to be done properly in order to get the results that you are looking for. When you are learning how to refinish a deck, there are some basic things that you learn from the start that will make the job easier and get professional results. You should refinish your deck no… Read More

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Brush With Greatness

When it comes to painting and decorating your Chicago home, it’s important to select the right paint brush for the job. Brushes vary a great deal in cost, size and quality. Paint brushes are either made from synthetic fibres or natural hairs. Natural hair brushes tend to be more expensive and are recommended for use with oil-based paints…. Read More

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Think Before You Paint it Pink

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A Rundown of Paints for a Variety of Exterior Surfaces

The exterior of your Chicago home is not limited to the outer walls. It also includes the extended area and all the wooden and metal work over it. And therefore, not just wall paint is sufficient for painting requirements of the exterior of your house. Rather, it is much more – thus different kinds of paints are to… Read More

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